Camp Scully


Camp Scully Wynantskill, NY September 3, 2012

Camp Scully was the first stop on the trip, not knowing what to expect Colin, the camp director was instantly warm, reassuring and welcoming. It is obvious he is the life blood of his camp. Camp Scully is on a little lake near Albany NY. The camp is surrounded by cottages but there is plenty of forest and places to explore. Camp Scully was founded on fun and making memories, from yelling the Pledge of Allegiance in the morning to dressing up in the silliest of costumes for the weeks dance. Counselors are invested in their campers and travel with them through all the activities during the day. Camp Scully never turns any camper away for financial reasons and Colin and his staff have learned to do an incredible amount with limited resources. For example the simple but incredibly effective destination spots in the woods like the legendary sacred rock and other recently proclaimed historical landmarks.


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