Camp Spearhead

Camp Spearhead Greenville, SC October 10, 2012

As we pulled into Spearhead we had no idea what to expect, their building towered over us all with that newly built feel, and their beyond impressive ropes course was definitely intriguing. We were even more excited after we met Ashley one of the directors. Ashley could do nothing but inspire Jack and I with her back ground in Americore and degree in non-profit management. The places she has worked and the experiences she has had made us drool. She toured us around as showed us what this unique camp has to offer for people of all ages with physical and developmental disabilities. They have a camper who is 80 and still comes every summer to enjoy the love, support, personal challenge and achievement that spearhead provides. Besides their fully accessible ropes course, they have a gem mining operation, a nature center and BEES! Ashley coming from a family who kept bees was happy to share with us how having bees at camp work and gave us a jar of homemade Spearhead honey to take home.