Gwynn Valley Camp

Gwynn Valley Camp Bervard, SC October 11, 2012

This is a farm camp. They supply 70 percent of their food including cows, a pig, about a hundred chickens, a huge veggie fields and corn that they then grind into meal for the animals and grits for the kids. They also have an ice cream maker! Campers spend the morning at these home grown activities learning how things are made and where things come from. Some crafts they do are weaving and dyeing and corn husk dolls but never any craft kits. Their cabins are rustic and feel aged like the rest of their camp but are even though most of them have been refurbished quite recently. Campers have to heat the showers themselves by stoking the wood burning stove. I loved the pioneer do it your self mentality of the camp. It seemed like a nurturing environment that fostered kids with a bigger picture view on health and community and the environment.


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