JCC Ranch Camp

JCC Ranch Camp Elbert, CO October 30, 2012 www.ranchcamp.org

Our welcome to Colorado was at JCC Ranch Camp. Miriam, one of the directors along with her husband, could not have been a better bridge between us and the world of Colorado ranch camps. Her love of animals lead us on a memorable walk in the along the property accompanied by 2 goats, 3 dogs. On the walk we visited 2 elderly highland cows, 3 horses, these animals plus a handful of chickens make this ranch a lovable and educational place for campers as well as Jack and I. It was so easy for me to fall in love with what this ranch camp provides for kids. For example when the third highland cow passed away the carcass was taken to the edge of the property where they then installed infrared cameras in the trees above to really study, watch and admire the natures recycling process. By bringing those campers that were interested up to the old cow I can only imagine the awe and respect that would be instilled, (talk about challenge by choice!)This understanding of nature and life processes is just part of the every day events at JCC Ranch Camp. This was also the first Jewish camp we visited, they encouraged campers to take part in the values of their faith. Kids at camp could also look forward to some adventure driven trips as they move up in age, trips that tested personal limits as well as found a way to service the surrounding community. Oh and one more thing, can’t forget Ninja Acrobat camp! They have a local community member who has developed this program that is based in empowering youth through acrobatics. Who doesn't want to be part of that!


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