South Mountain YMCA

South Mountain YMCA (Camp Conrad Weiser and Bynden Wood) Wernersville, PA September 11, 2012

South mountain is beautiful. Upon arriving here we met up with Sue Williams. She was the first female camp director we came across, so of course I loved her instantly. She also has experienced so much camp, having worked in the camping industry all over the country. Her confidence was not boastful or unapproachable but seemed trust worthy and passionate. She gave us a quick tour and then we went to eat pizza and beer with her, the CEO Nathan Brant, and a handful of other employes. Jack and I after not eating enough all day got a little tipsy after one beer and could both feel where we slipped in conversation. But all in all it was a nice meal and fun to meet these people. The next day we helped out at their United Way day of caring. Jack mowed for hours and I washed a vinyl fence. It felt good to do some manual labor volunteer for our stay.