YMCA Camp Benson

YMCA Camp Benson Mount Carrol, IL October 22, 2012 ymcacampbenson.org

Cory Harrison, the director at Camp Benson left such an impression on Jack and I. After walking around with Cory all morning as he showed us the grounds and shared his vision for camp with us, and then while we sat at the town diner for lunch, cory had us entranced by his focus, opinions, determination, and camping philosophy. After only being at Camp Benson for 18 months Cory had a handle on the culture and traditions that were part of the foundations of Benson, as well as how to mold the program and the staff in a way that would keep Benson moving in a unique and powerful direction. Cory shared with us his vision for an outdoor fort, or destination spot on the outskirts of camps property. A place for kids to go camp out, to learn to cook outdoors and acquire other skills like shelter building, plus human size jenga and other campy game. Camp Benson is already based on adventure, try rock climing, repelling down cliff walls, rafting cave exploring, and crate climbing on for size!


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