YMCA Camp Kern

YMCA Camp Kern Oregonia, OH October 17, 2012 www.campkern.org

This camp completely changed everything. Jack and I were floored by their nothing is impossible attitude and the magical creativity that echoed through the place even during the off season. The Camp program director/ summer camp director Mike Costlow walked us around ( we met him at a ACA cluster meeting that we attended with Eli the camp director we were staying with at Ernst.) We ate lunch with Mike, his wife and 2 cute kids, the horse director, and Jeff. Jeff is the Executive director and he is the driving force behind a lot of the brilliance at Kern. He has built things no one else has even dreamed up yet, a pretty cool guy. Dave Bell described him as the Steve Jobs of the camp world, seems like a pretty apt description. Camp Kern had so much to offer in terms of toys and facilities but what we loved more than anything was the pride Mike took in his staff saying, “If I had Kern staff, a tarp, and some kids in a field those kids would still have the best camp experience”