YMCA Camp Piomingo

YMCA Camp Piomingo Brandenburg, KY October 18, 2012 www.ymcacamppiomingo.org

Joey is the interim executive director at Piomingo, but after walking around camp with him we would vote him in permanently. It is obvious his passion and love for the place and for the mission of summer camp. Piomingo is located in Kentucky close to Fort Knox and with in walking distance of the Ohio River. A walk that Jack and I got to take, after winding through the woods for a while a clearing opens and there is a gigantic reveine that cradles the Ohio river. The view is spectacular. Joey says that when counselors bring young campers out they tell them that across the river is Australia and that that farm looking set of buildings is a just an Australian camp. Campers count to three and then yell HELLO across the valley, only to be echoed by an OIE! from down under! This is really the spirit of Piomingo, Joey had a good way of summing it up, camp for them is based on relationships, the relationships forged and fostered between staff and camper. Its all about the role model and the inspiration and confidence that a relationship with someone older and in authority can have on a camper.


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