Riverview Bible Camp Cusick, Washighton

November 26, 2012


We were welcomed into the Pacific North West by Rory at Riverview Bible Camp. Surrounded by mountains in the distance and with a river running though camp Riverview offers a peaceful place for families, youth groups and church groups. The camp functions mostly as a retreat center in the summer as well as during the rest of the year although they do run a more traditional resident camp for three weeks of the summer. Riverview has so many unique activities to offer, try a giant slide from a worlds fair, a vertical obstical course, a giant waterfront complete with blob, slide, trampoline, iceburg, Saturn ring among other things, a water balloon launching field, and a giant 4 lane zip line course. The attitude at Riverview seems to be , Why not?! To further prove this point they recently completed a tunnel underneath the road that connects the 2 halves of camp. The tunnel is not only sweet and a safe alternative, but the programing possibilities are endless. Rory described one of the programs this summer where they outfitted the tunnel  with a fog machine, strobe lights and techno music for an alien invasion!