YMCA Camp Seymour

YMCA Camp SeymourGig Harbor, Washington November 29, 2012 http://www.campseymour.org/

Walking onto Camp Seymour we immediately felt like we we in another world, something in the realm of hobbits, or Leprechauns. Especially after being in Colorado where there are loads of rocks and shrub sized trees, to be bombarded with the tall evergreen and the mossy wet landscape of this camp right off the Puget sound was shocking and refreshing. We met Scotty Jackson in the office and he jumped up to take us on a tour. We saw their awesome waterfront and the huge war canoes that they ship campers off on overnight treks up and down the coast, the cool touch tanks with starfish and sea creatures. They have a solid prop shed, all the costumes and props needed for a good campfire right next to one of their campfire spots that over looks the inlet. The most unique thing though was their Living Machine. A wastewater treatment plant that ultimately uses camp’s waste water to water their ballfield. The water runs though a series of plant filters in an automated green house and a few more fancy science steps before watering the grass. Also in the giant green house is a Scotty Jackson and camper home made hydroponic vegetable garden fully integrated to get nutrients from a coy and tilapia fish pond. The water and nutrients from the fish water fuels tomato, pepper and lettuce plants. Plus a compost system so that most of dinning hall waste can get properly recycled onsite. What an awesome science project for a summer camp!


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