YMCA Camp Colman


YMCA Camp Colman20121201-112132.jpgLongbranch, Washington November 29, 2012 http://www.seattleymca.org/Locations/Colman/Pages/Home.aspx

Camp Colman is a place for rock stars run by a rock star, when you learn the director Megan Finnie’s story you are amazed by her positivity and her tenacity. Holding the jobs of Summer Program Director, Conference Director, and Outdoor Education Director, she has a nothing is impossible attitude. After un- expectantly and abruptly taking on more responsibility the day before staff training last summer she has learned a lot about being a director and what it takes to run a summer camp. After touring us around camp we went paddle boarding with Megan and Lisa (another camp Colman employee from the summer). Jack and I have never been on a paddle board before and after rolling up our pants and taking on there lagoon Megan and Lisa made us feel right at home on our boards. Camp Colman's beauty can not be argued and I would argue that is just where the fun starts. With such a young and passionate director I can only imagine what the future brings for such an awesome place.


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