YMCA Camp Orkila

YMCA Camp OrkilaIMG_8979 Eastsound, WA

December 3, 2012


Camp Orkila is on an island! We met Lynda and Beth and they kindly took the whole day to tour us around Orkila’s incredible facilities. Jack and I could not stop snapping photo’s, between being surrounded by huge majestic evergreens and looking out over the Puget Sound, this camp feels like paradise. The beach front is lined with open air cabins, and the waves come right up to the porches during high tide. They have a marine science center that my brother (a marine science major and avid fisherman) would drool over. Inside they have a tank of small, just hatched, baby salmon that will some day graduate to the big outdoor tank that is visible through plexiglass windows that make you feel like your in an aquarium instead of a summer camp. They also have a challenge tower unlike any we have seen on the trip so far. You can climb up the outside of the tower or inside there are multiple surfaces to climb before you get to the top where you can zip to another platform off in the distance. To top it off they also own a small island that campers can take kayak trips during the summer. With so much to do I can’t imagine when campers get a chance to sleep!


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