Camp Killoqua

Camp Killoquaimage Everett, Washington December 5, 2012

Camp Kiloqua prides itself in being steeped in tradition and having classic camp programs yet their tradition offers some really unique and creative programing solutions. One of the cool traditons we immediately fell in love with was Uncle Wigglebottom. On camp there is a little shed that serves as Uncle Wigglebottom's house the campers who don’t get mail from their guardians or the outside world that often are known to receive mail from Uncle Wigglebottom. He has a mailbox outside his house that campers can write return letters to. Counselors then pick up the mail and write back to the campers. What a cool system! Uncle Wigglebottom, by the way, is a rabbit. right near Uncle Wigglebottom's house is Fairy land. Surrounded by some of the littlest campers cabins is a stage and an enchanted looking forest. The campers look for fairy dust and build fairy houses daily in this part of camp. This part of camp holds an extra magical feel, and is an easy place to encourage imagination. Camp Kiloqua also runs a grief camp each summer that is available for kids who have lost a loved one. Along with gaining confidence and a sense of belonging these kids have a chance to grief in a positive way with the support and advice of others. They have an artist come in who specializes in therapy and the kids take part in making a project that often is added to camp. One section of their woods is filled with carvings, pathways and arches that embody a sense of peace. One summer’s piece is a stag made out of melted down aluminum bikes and other scrap metal. After writing a message on the metal to their loved one the kids poured the molten metal into molds of a white stag. The coolest part was that the stag was in 5 or 6 pieces and you had to stand in exactly the right spot in the woods to see it. Back on main camp the cabins are also unique. Each village has a unique cabin structure and as camper move up they look forward to the new cabins and a more rustic experience. Check out the pictures of the octagonal cabins on stilts so that they are up in the trees!


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