Quest Therapeutic Camps

Quest Therapeutic Camps Menlo Park, CA

January 16, 2013

Our first camp back on the west coast was a unique day camp with a big mission. Therapeutic Quest camps was founded by Robert Field PHd. The program promises to, “providing opportunities for children to improve problematic behaviors and self-esteem by creating an atmosphere where campers feel respected and accepted.” The camp focuses on kids of all ages who may have problems “fitting in” at school and who struggle in social situations either behaviorally or emotionally. Quest shows impressive results, and is proven to have a positive impact of a wide range of kids. Jack and I got to spend the day with the Quest kids at the program in  Menlo Park, CA. There were about 20 kids and a handful of counselors. We spent the afternoon playing sports, having snack and then participating in group therapy where kids assessed their individual goals. The program was cool, but I think more than anything Jack and I were excited to be around kids, to hear their imaginations run laps around us, reminded why camp is so fun.