YMCA Camp Loma Mar

Loma Mar, CA

January 17, 2012

Bria, or Disney (her camp name) has helped us get to Ravencliff, Arroyo, and now Loma Mar. Overseeing all three camps is a daunting task but she takes it in stride. She has strong beliefs about free time, staff accountability, what makes a good program, and how to shape culture. It was fascinating to pick her brain as we walked around camp. Loma Mar is famous for starting the Ragger program. It was great to learn about the widespread program where it started. Loma Mar has a gaga pit and a zip line like most summer camps, yet Bria is quick to say that she prefers when counselors stretch their creativity and involve the kids in things they have never seen before. To back up her request she told us how last summer she slid down the zip line dressed as Willy Wonka to open up one theme day last summer! Both Ravencliff and Loma Mar seem like camps with a lot to offer in terms of positive role models and creative programing, not camps with shiny toys or fancy activities. 


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