Camping Unlimited, Camp Krem



Camp KremBoulder Creek, CA 

January 18, 2013

Jack and I were delighted to find out that the director of Camp Krem of Camping Unlimited, Mary,  grew up in Upstate NY. After moving out to California 7 years ago to take a job as camp nurse at Camp Krem. She decided there was no going back to the cold winters and grey skies of back home. We sat in a small gazebo near the entrance of camp for an hour or so, baked by the California sun, while Mary told us all kinds of stories about camping and the history of Camp Krem. Camp Krem started out as the vision of a Californian School teacher. Krem was passionate about teaching disabled children, saying that every child had a right to learn. He was also an avid outdoors man and enjoyed camping. Mary told us stories about how he invited his class to come and camp in his own back yard, an idea that eventually lead to camping trips with the students and their families and eventually the organization Camping Unlimited and Camp Krem. Camp Krem is now a safe haven for kids with developmental and physical disabilities. As we walked around camp Mary told us how a group of women who were. Krem’s neighbors have committed themselves to raising money for the camp for decades now. The evidence of their work was all around, an accessible fire pit, a water fountain pavilion and more. What a cool way to give back to Krem’s vision. 


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