Hume Lake Christian Camps



Hume Lake Christian CampsHume, CA

January 25, 2013

Wow! Hume Lake is like no other camp we have visited, a non denominational christian camp located in the beautiful Sequoia National Forest just down the road from Kings Canyon and Giant Sequoia National Park, the views are spectacular to say the least, but that doesn't even scratch the surface of what Hume Lake is. You may know them from the very popular Call Me Maybe Video (seen here). They are an enormous operation, running four separate camps, and other programs, onsite each week during the summer that can serve over 2000 campers and guests. Each camp with separate dining hall, pool, and program areas. At Hume Lake campers are empowered to choose many of their own activities, and let me tell you there are no shortage of activities, but maybe the most impressive aspect of Hume Lake is their creative department. With the camp directors and volunteers the creative department is responsible for social media, videos, photos, and the theme of the summer extravaganza. Each summer has a theme that ties in to God and the ministries of Hume Lake while also finding new and creative ways to connect with an ever changing youth population. When campers arrive at camp on Saturday nights they are welcomed with a video and live production show that could have been produced in Hollywood. We had the pleasure of seeing the 2011 version entitled “All In”, a western movie that ties in Facebook, incredible song and dance routines, Ok Corral style shoot outs, and of course at Hume Lake the Lord. All and all it is an Oscar Award winning caliber production. Bill, thank you so much for showing us around and welcoming us in to your home.


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