YMCA Camp Surf



YMCA Camp SurfSan Diego, CA

January 29, 2013


Welcome to sunny southern California. Surf is located just miles from the Mexican border and if you stand just right you can see Tijuana, this is for real not just a trick they tell the kids.  Camp Surf is like no other camp in the country. They spend their days waiting and watching for the perfect wave. The camp is all sand, they have a pirate ship for a campfire stage, complete with crows nest and treasure chest. The kids sit in the open air dinning hall and watch the beautiful pacific coast. Sebastian their outdoor education coordinator said that with all of the swimming, surfing, bodyboarding and sea kayaking in the afternoon plus a morning full of the rock wall and other land activities, the kids are exhausted and always ready for bed when the time comes. Surf also takes full advantage of the location, taking the older kids and the teen program on trips to see the bay and other natural sites around San Diego. Jack and I were totally entranced by the ocean and the atmosphere. We walked down the beach, waved to the Mexican border and then ran back along the beach as the sun set. Its easy to see why Camp Surf catches and keeps so many campers. 


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