Camp Wood YMCA



Camp Wood YMCAElmdale, Kansas

February 25, 2013

Our entrance into Camp Wood was the most exciting yet. After driving through a blizzard we finally saw the Camp Wood sign, and then slipped back down the hill and got stuck on the side of the road. Jack got out and tried to push for a while with no avail. So we put on our gloves and hats and hiked up to the office to introduce ourselves and explain the situation we (Jack) had gotten us into. The staff jumped up to meet us and bounded to our rescue. This was indicative of our whole visit and the kindness they must show to so many campers. Camp Wood is located in the Tallgrass Prairie of Kansas. They are one of the few residential camps in the state but have more than enough love and passion to go around. Ryne the Senior Program director gave us a tour of the facilities. He is a particularly passionate young camp professional that has a strong handle on the camp world and many new ideas. We were excited to see the misters that surround the gaga pit to cool off the campers in the heat of the summer, even though it was hard to imagine heat as we walked around in the blistering cold. They also have a Mud slide that is comprised of a culvert pipe and a water hose, we got the chance to ride it on the slick snow and boy was it fast! Back in the office we got a chance to spend some quality time with Ken the Executive director, Laura the Summer Program Director and Ummar the Group and Program Coordinator, while we all stuffed and labeled some envelopes. We spent two nights snowed in at camp, but what a lucky place to be! We ate home cooked dinner with Ryne, Laura and Ummar both nights in Ryne’s home next to the wood burning stove and curled up with the dogs. They were so incredibly warm and open, we felt like we were leaving a new home when we pulled out of camp this morning hoping not to get stuck in a snow bank while leaving. 


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