YMCA Camp Tecumseh



Camp TecumsehBrookston, IN

March 5, 2013


Camp Tecumseh was the last camp that we visited on this trip, number 61! We feel so lucky to have made it there and grateful to end our journey on such a high. The CEO Scott Brosman gave us a tour. Scott is a life long camp person with many years experience at Camp Tecumseh, yet new in the top position at camp. He spoke so passionately about the mission, success and vision of camp. Jack and I were inspired by his stories and his breath of knowledge. There are so many unique things about Tecumseh. Their waterfront is overflowing with exciting and imaginative activities, all that can be viewed from the largest suspension bridge in Indiana. We loved the suspension bridge and the stories that Scott told us about how often cabins of the oldest kids come out for a camp out on the bridge hundreds of feet over the water. Another unique piece of Camp Tecumseh is the attention to detail and love that was put into transforming some of the spaces at camp back in time, to old western- looking towns. On the older side of camp they took their pole barn, a central and important building during drop off and re-imagined the front of the building with a jail and a general store etc. On the newer half of camp the inside of a building has even more convincing store fronts and creative facades. The whole thing seems magical and ignites imagination. In terms of imagination Tecumseh is overflowing. With infinite ways to engage and re-engage kids with the possibilities of make-believe. Project American Life seems like an incredible project invented at a Y camp in Alabama that tecumseh shares with 5th and 6th graders. We also got a glimpse into the Outdoor Ed program, the Staff were dressed up like pioneers and hiking through the woods and we were there on the training day! What an incredible journey, the single most important and most incredible thing we found was the kindness and the love of the people who shared with us their homes and their camps. Thank You. We are off to Camp Seymour for the summer. Good bye.... for now!


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