YMCA Camp Widjiwagan

September 28, 2013

Ely, Minnesota


Passion. Passion. Passion. From the moment we arrived at Widji you could feel the commitment, respect, and passion these guys had for the place. We were lucky enough to hear some first had experience from Henry and EJ, two summer and winter staffers who had lead a variety of canoeing, and a backpacking trip. Widji is a tripping camp specializing in canoeing and backpacking and home to the largest active wood canvas canoe fleet in the world. All campers arrive at camp, spend three days preparing for their trip and then head out on their adventure. Adventures range anywhere from 10 day trips through the boundary waters to 40 night executions in the Arctic Circle!

Laura and I left invigorated and energized by the stories Henry and EJ shared with us. It is always fascinating to hear about other camps from the counselors perspective. We are often annoyed by the negative impression older generations have of "millennials" and the bad wrap we can get in the media. It is great while visiting camps to constantly have that lazy, disrespectful, selfish notion of young people disproven by each and every camp counselor we meet. The young trip leaders at Widji are trusted and expected to be everything for their campers each time they rise to the occasion.


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