Camp Gray

Reedsburg, WI


Oct. 3, 2013

Where to begin? Camp Gray was more like family, their freely given advice and love was truly a boost. Leaving this morning Jack and I were re-energized and racking our brains for how and when we might bump into the Camp Gray family again. When we first arrived in the office the entire staff poured out of their side rooms and greeted us with big smiles and laughter. We had a chance to walk around camp Colleen and Darleen. They showed us the Chapel, Lake Jake, and the entrance to the secret land of the explorer campers. The explorers are the oldest group at camp and they create they’re own space and adventure while at Camp Gray, it is a mystery to the younger kids what happens in this “Narnia” like land, campers come back to be apart of it. We also heard about the Cassidy Games which is a version of color wars that happens once a week. The competition is fierce and provides a cool opportunity for staff to promote good sportsman ship while still having a blast in the silly memorable challenges. Camp Gray is founded on the Catholic faith and the staff and the directors point to that shared faith as one reason for their close knit and loving community. One of the intentional ways that they ensure a solid support system for their staff is during staff training everyone gets paired us and becomes a Christ Friend, through out the summer they make sure to check in with one another and watch out for when their friend might need a boost.

We had a chance to hike around “Devil’s” (Devil’s Lake) a state park near by, the fall colors were breathtaking and we enjoyed laughing and sharing stories with the staff. Topher, the Assistant Director, has a contagious sense of humor and had a comforting way of making us feel part of a big inside joke.

We were invited over to the Directors house for dinner. All of the staff that live on site were there and lots of little camp children! It felt like Christmas. So after lots of warm homemade food, delicious apple pie, and lots of great advice and laughter we headed to bed truly inspired.

- Laura

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