Camp Winnebago

October 18, 2013

Fayette, ME


Camp Winnebago in Maine, set a pretty high standard for North East camping. Andy the Director and owner came out to camp to walk us around. It was a perfect fall day and we spent some time laying in the grass and talking about the rich history of Winnebago and Andy’s philosophy about camping and management. It was clear from the moment we arrived that the corner stone of the Winnebago experience is the relationships and community that are build among the boys in 8 weeks. Andy talked a lot about how Winnebago focuses on the relationships and the deep connections that can only be formed at camp. The close knit community and network of campers is what makes Winnebago unique. Andy spends time getting to know each new family individually by visiting them, whether they live in Maine, San francisco or Shanghai! It is a place where everyone knows your name. We can only imagine the tight bonds that campers must form by the end of summer. As far as activities go there are beautifully kept sports fields and facilities but there is also an emphasis on the liberal arts. Every section of campers will perform a play or a musical production after 2 weeks of planning and practice. Campers leave Winnebago well rounded, and with connections and knowledge of self that will last a lifetime.


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