Horizons Camp


Horizons Camp

South Windham, CT

Nov.1, 2013


Camp Horizons is a camp for people with developmental disabilities. They serve people of all ages in a variety of ways from providing fun summer programing and a chance to interact and form relationships with peers to job training and placement. Horizons is a safe and nurturing place where the focus is people. Jack and I felt the warm embrace as we sat in Scotts office and learned about Horizons camp and how he found himself becoming Camp Director. He says that he really fell in love with the place and the people but mostly the philosophy that people come first. The camp was started by two sisters who were special education teachers first. They believed that treating people of all abilities like individuals and focusing on their talents as well as their needs they could make a lasting impact on their lives. To illustrate their success in helping find people some independence and purpose we only had to look on the walls of almost every building at camp. Beautifully hung and well lit paintings filled with bright colors and an expressive brush stroke. Kerri is the woman’s name and she with the help and guidance of Horizons team now has a Studio in South Windham and is an accomplished artist. http://www.kerriquirk.com/gallery_index.html 


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