Camp Dudley YMCA


Camp Dudley YMCA

Westport, NY

Nov. 6th 2013

Arriving at Camp Dudley was like going back in time. They are the oldest camp in the United States founded in 1885. Camp is full of beautiful old majestic buildings and extremely well manicured and maintained. It is easy to see by walking around what kind of core values Dudley has maintained through the generations, pride of place and self, and of course “The other fellow first”. Dudley has a system of numbering its campers, the older back your number the longer you have been apart of the Dudley family. There are many 5th generation boys who have followed in their dad’s and grandfathers footsteps. Dudley prides itself in the performing and creative arts as well as state of the art athletic fields and complexes. It truly is an amazing liberal arts experience that prepares young men and inspires incredible commitment to the Dudley way.


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