Laura's First Video

We locked ourselves in the basement for a few days and came away with some fun videos. Laura has been working on doing more graphic facilitation and drawing. Check it out below. 

Feel Bad Education

There is a terror that kids will feel good about things.

That they will simply be pleased with themselves so therefore not work hard.

That comes from that Puritan ethic that represents it self still in the social conservatism that dominates our thinking about education and parenting.

But in fact most schools are not at all prepared to make kids feel good, quite the contrary.

There is such an emphasis on rigor and raising the bar and higher standards that we end up with a lot of kids who are alternately bored and anxious

Because the education really isn't about helping them to feel proficient thinkers who love learning

Instead they have to memorize facts and practice skills in order to do well on tests and that ends up being quite un-engaging

and it has a number of destructive consequences...

The more traditional and back to basics and test oriented the schooling is 

The more kids lose interest in learning and in the particular topics they are learning, 

The more superficial their thinking, 

and the more the gap grows between the haves and the have nots.