Danish Dodgeball 


    1 Gator Ball


3-2-1 Dodgeball!

Jack learned this game volunteering in South Africa with Thyge Sall, a Danish volunteer. We played with a soccer ball, I wouldn't suggest that at camp… There are 2 equal teams. The objective is to be the last team to have a player not hit with a ball, like American Dodgeball. Each team nominates a captain to begin the game on the other teams end line and the game begins. Players must stay on their side of the field unless hit with a ball, then they join the captain on the other teams end line.  The captain, and the players that have been hit, may move along the end line and are free to pick up the ball and pass it to teammates or throw it at members of the other team. If a ball is caught one of the opposing teams players may reenter the field and the thrower joins his captain on the end line. If the thrower was already on the end line, he stays and the catchers team still gets a man back.