A quick backstory

Me at camp

Me at camp

In 2012 I hit the road with Laura, traveling the country for 2 years visiting and learning from over 100 camps in 47 states. I had worked for almost a decade as a summer staff member at Camp Stella Maris, but had no idea that a career at summer camp was possible. 5 years later, I can’t imagine not working at camp. This website is designed for people like me. People that believe in the power of camp, are excited to ask why and wrestle with new ideas, and pumped to try new things and take a few risks.  My hope is that these ideas can help take you from... “How the hell can I become a camp director? To I have a plan. And finally, I have a job!” It is a a work and progress and probably always will be. If you have questions/thoughts/concerns/ideas or just want to talk send me an email:

- Jack Schott


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Building Relationships

And Reverse engineering what you want


Getting any job in today’s world is about figuring out a way to reduce the risk for the person doing the hiring and stand out from the sea of faceless resumes the hiring group is seeing. The best way to think about this is: how can you build a community of well connected directors that will go to bat for you when you are applying for different jobs and recommend you to their closest most trusted friends? This doesn't start with a well formatted resume (you probably need one of these too). It starts with the right collection of friends, connections, and past employers that love you. The good news is great camp directors are great connectors. The bad news is connections take time, but less time than you think. 




Are you looking a new year round job at camp?

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