Lavender Pillow Cases



    A lavender plant

    Campers pillows

    Portable music player (optional) 

Smell is the Strongest Sense Tied to Memory

I tried this for the first time at Camp Stella Maris and have done it tens of times since, typically on the last night of camp. Once campers are in their PJ’s and ready for bed I announce that we are going on a special night time adventure. All the campers grab their pillows and put on their shoes. We tip toe outside and head to a place where I have previously set up a lavender plant (candles and portable music player optional). Next the campers gather around and find a spot to lie down and look at the stars with their pillows. I play a song or tell a story, encouraging campers to soak in the moment and the memories they have made so far during the session and talk about the good feelings that they are filled with at camp and how I hope they can carry these feelings home. Then one by one campers come up and pick a sprig of lavender and a stick. We talk about how lavender is a calming smell and how smell can trigger memories. The campers finally stick the lavender in their pillow cases so they can remember their camp experience and quietly walk back to the cabin for bed.