Life Map



        Markers or crayons

Where Ya Going? Where Ya Been?

An embers activity we loved from Camp Seymour, The Life Map, starts by each camper using a piece of paper and come coloring or writing utensils to draw a map of how their life has gone so far. This takes about 5 minutes for the campers to find a quiet spot and draw. It could look like a timeline with dramatic ups and downs, or it could look like a physical map of where the camper has been and when. Remind campers that it does not have to be perfectly accurate or a beautiful work of art, it is just a tool to tell their story. Then, starting with yourself to model, share an overview of the map of your life so far. Share some mile stones, things that made you happy and sad. Things that made you who you are. This exercise requires a lot of trust, It is important to know your group and create a safe space to share.