Camping Coast to Coast was the first collaboration between Laura and I. After graduating from college, we packed up Laura’s Honda Civic, and hit the road. What started as a fun month long road trip turned into a 2 year research project studying summer camps and intentional learning communities. Camping Coast to Coast connected us with some of the most passion compassionate people on the planet. It jump started our passion for working with kids in empathic self-directed communities. 

Our big project now is running Stomping Ground, an overnight camp we founded in 2015 and help summer camps and other youth organizations better tell their story online. We speak and consult around the country on topics like the power of play, trusting kids, and getting ideas to spread. 

Send Jack an email if you are interested in learning more or working with us.

This website is a portal back in time to their journey coast to coast and what they learned along the way. 

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