Paint Sponge War

Paint Sponge War Diagram.jpg


    4 colors of tempera paint mixed with shampoo

    Sponges and water buckets

    Cones or ropes to mark the playing area

    Everyone in swim suits

Wax On. Wax Off.

Set up an area on grass like the diagram, about the size of half a basketball court. Split the group in to 4 teams. Each team gets the same amount of paint and has 5 minutes to paint them selves from head to toe with the color. Teams must stay in their assigned area, like dodgeball. 

The objective is to be the team with the most paint still on them at the end of the round. Each team is given a bucket with sponges. They can begin throwing the sponges at other teams when the round begins. The bucket can’t move. At the end the facilitator judges the winner. We played this game a lot at Camp Stella Maris. One key to success because the other teams could easily disagree with the judges decision is to start with a very light hearted silly atmosphere, focusing on the fun and silliness not on the competition.