Tomahawk Ranch Girl Scouts Camp

Tomahawk Ranch Girl Scout Camp Bailey, CO November 9, 2012

Our third camp in Colorado was our first girl scouts camp and introduction in to Girl Scout culture was awesome! We were met by Kreg Hamburger he is the vice president of the Girl Scout camps in Colorado, he also was our tour guide for the afternoon. As we walked around camp Kreg taught us all about the Girl Scouts and their knew initiatives. The Girl Scouts have changed their mission to be more about fostering leadership and creating strong feminine leaders for the future. It sounded like an enticing program to be apart of. The new phrase Kreg said is “Educate not Decorate”. This ranch camp had a classic horse program along with goats, mini ponies, chickens and peacocks! They also had a variety of unique cabins or villages for the girls to stay in. They had the winterized cabins, seasonal cabins that were connected by a deck and an outdoor pavilion, tee pees, platform tents, lean too’s, Kreg also mentioned the directors dream of putting up a hammock village, cool!