Camp Fern



Camp FernMarshall, Texas

February 18th, 2013

Camp Fern is steeped in tradition. Everything at Camp Fern speaks to the history and the sedimentary culture that has been established through generations of campers. Founded in the 1930’s, Camp Fern started as a way for one families daughter to overcome homesickness and make some friends during the summer while the family vacationed at their lake house. The Camp grew from just a few kids in the neighborhood to a multi-generation summer camp that serves around 500 campers a summer. The most intriguing part of the Camp is the two tribes that are carved so deeply into the program and the culture. Each gender has separate blue and red tribes. They are sorted into their perspective tribe once they arrive for their first session of camp. From then on they prescribe to that tribe for life. The summers activities are tightly focused on winning, competition rules from war canoe races to pinch pot craftsmanship. Two Camper leaders are nominated from each tribe, the Chief and the Firemaker. The 4 week gender divided sessions sound insanely fun, yet character building, leadership skills, and the ability to fail and learn from failure surrounded by the support of your tribe, are the real reasons why this summer camp is important.


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