Friends Camp

Oct. 25, 2013

South China, Maine

Friends camp is founded on Quaker philosophy and has an unique and refreshing view on empowering camp staff to create magical and memorable experiences for campers. The facilities are modest and camp property is kludged together crossing a road to get to their waterfront property. Nat, the camp director, walked us around the facilities and told us about an average day at camp. Campers can chose from a variety of electives taught by counselors, the elective. What is different at Friends Camp is the degree of creative freedom given to the counselors to lead all kinds of unique sessions. Some of the electives align with Quaker beliefs like volunteering at a local soup kitchen or using their pacifist beliefs to lead a protest. One session Nat told us about what a group of kids lead by their fearless counselor conquered the Tempest and then attended a local theaters Shakespeare production at the end of camp. One group may choose to put on a production at camp or stitch together a quilt of all of their secrets. Nat spoke of the trust inherent in the culture that allows counselors to teach their passions and in turn inspire campers really invest and take part in the elective they have chosen. Camp as a whole sounded like a place where a freedom and creativity are common place week after week summer after summer.


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