Camp Wayfayer

Camp Wayfayer Flat Rock, NC October 9, 2012

This was our first private camp. We did not really know what to expect. We met the owners and the owners son at the Charleston conference and they seemed really friendly. When we arrived at the camp We were in love with the buildings. We talked with the camp owner and director up in the new swanky office. His son was there too and then walked us around camp on a tour. One of the points that the camp director made over and over again was that starting a camp from scratch was hard work and that one had to be willing to work hard in this profession. Jack and I loved the idea of starting from scratch and having the ultimate say on traditions, culture and layout. JB, the son, walked us around and it was clear that at Wayfarer Jim Bob, the owner makes sure everyone works hard, and that hard work pays off.


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