Green River Preserve

Green River Preserve Cedar Mountain, NC October 10, 2012

Sandy and Missy, wow we fell in love here. Sandy is maybe the most passionate, patient, understanding, and nurturing man I’ve ever met. Ok second to dad. He loves his camp the outdoors, and helping kids learn. His camp is mainly for children who are often bored in normal educational settings. His camp is engineered to accommodate kids who want to learn and have the brain power, attention span and special interest to do so. We learned so much here. We also got fed lunch because I fainted in a hot field while Sandy stopped to talk to some other visitors. Woops. After lunch at Sandy and Missy’s home, we called to say we were going to be late to Spearhead because Sandy wanted to take us on the tour of the mountain top. It was spectacular. We drove up on a little Polaris and walked on a huge granite curved mountain top. Sandy had so much to tell us about the Native Americans that were once there and the things they carved into the rocks. The way that the rocks have moved and were moved and the stories of how they were ceremonial drums carved to look like the turtle that carries earth on its back. We left in awe of what Sandy, Missy and this camp have to offer, we both wish that we could enroll in camp here but felt like we got a good taste of the experience from just spending the afternoon with Sandy.