Sand Candles 


        Buckets of damp sand or a beach

        Enough melted wax for each camper to make a candle

        Wick string

        Twigs or popsicle sticks

Candle Time

Gather campers and head to the beach or a place where you have set up buckets of damp sand. Make sure to have the wax melted and ready to pour a head of time (you  can buy candle wax in bulk or from craft store, heat on a stove top or bunsen burner) Pass out a wick to each camper and a stick (popsicle stick or twig) have each camper find a place on the beach in the sand where they can did a hole about the size of their fist, or have buckets of damp sand for each camper. We always would talk about what it means to make an impact in someone life, at camp and in the community. How making an imprint can have a positive effect on someone's outlook. Then help campers tie the string onto the stick so that it hangs down forming a capitol T. Next help campers rest the twig across the top of the hole the dug in the sand while you pour the wax over the wick and into the hole. Allow the candle wax to set for about 10 min. Finally pull the candle out of the hole and untie the stick. The outside of the candle should have a cool sand texture and should reflect the exact shape of the imprint the camper made in the sand.