Artist Blitz


    10 or 15 times as many Cue Cards as teams 

    1 Large piece of paper, white board, or chalk board for each team

    Drawing utensils for each team

Creating the Playing Area…

    First you make the cue cards on index cards with clues like Pictionary. Its super fun to add in camp specific lingo or areas on the cue cards and to use an adjective and a noun. We also like to let the campers create the cue cards, each player makes a couple then mix up the pile. Next each team will need a space to draw as well as space to act out the cue card. We have used tables tipped up or dining hall tables folded up with butcher paper, a bunch of small white boards or just sections of wall with butcher paper. 

Playing the Game!

Photo Credit: Kat Lynch

Photo Credit: Kat Lynch

    This game works best with at least 4-6 teams of 6-12 people, but could easily be played with more teams. The objective is to get as many cue cards as possible. The cue cards are in the center and to start and after each successful guessing of the cards each team sends a new pair of players to get a new cue card. The pair consists of a drawer and an actor. They cannot speak. Once they have a cue card the drawer draws (using no number or letters), the actor acts (no talking my friend) and the rest of the team tries to guess. Once that card is guessed a new pair retrieves another card until all the cue cards have been taken. The team with the most cue cards at the end wins. Basically its a fasted paced game of Pictionary and Charades happening at the same time!