Team Sponge Bacon


    Half again as many sponges as participants

    Water buckets for each team

    1 fun noodle or something similar

Lets Play!

This is a team game typically played with 4-8 teams or 7-15 players per team. Each team stands at their bucket arranged in a circle about the size of half a basketball court. Each bucket is has at least enough sponges for each player on the team to have one. The noodle is placed in the center. Each team is give a number or name. 2 teams are called out by the facilitator to enter the circle made by the buckets. The selected teams try to retrieve the noodle and bring it back to their cone. While these teams are in the circle they may throw sponges. When hit with a sponge you sit down and don’t move. You may pick up and throw stray sponges as many times as you would like. SPICE IT UP! Play with one less fun noodle than the number of teams and have all teams enter at once.